Glasgow Perl Mongers Social

Thursday 2010-09-09

On Thursday 2010-09-09, the day after the second Wednesday of September, the Glasgow Perl Mongers will meet for the first time at The Pot Still, for the first social gathering of the newly born group.

How to reach The Pot Still:

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Purpose of the first social meeting

As mentioned on the mailing list, we will meet to get to know each other, to discuss the preferred meeting day and week, what kind of talks are we going to have on the next technical meeting, and on what topics.

The next meeting

Our next gathering should be on the second Thursday of October (2010-10-08) or on the day after the second Wednesday of October (2010-10-15), depending on what the group will reach consensus on.
The location will be announced during the social meeting, and then on the mailing list.