Glasgow Perl Mongers Technical

Thursday 2011-01-13

On Thursday 2011-01-13, the day after the second Wednesday of January, the Glasgow Perl Mongers will meet for their next technical meeting, at S1's offices, in Glasgow.

Technical meetings location:

200 Renfield Street - G2 3PR
Google maps link (street view): The appointment is for 18:15 in front of the main entrance of the glass building.
If you're late, give Marco a call on 07841-538170.

Topics for this technical meeting

Marco Fontani will do a talk on his Fuse interface to a Git repository.
Miles Gould will do a talk on Redo from scratch.
There will be a lightning talks session right after the talks, and the group will then likely go to a pub for the "local meeting" of and (the social event).
Some of the Mongers will later go to Nice n sleazy for some live music/beers.

The next meeting

Our next gathering will be on the second Thursday of February (2011-02-10), at the same venue.