Glasgow Perl Mongers Technical

Thursday 2011-06-09

On Thursday 2011-06-09, the day after the second Wednesday of June, the Glasgow Perl Mongers would have met for their next technical meeting, at S1's offices, in Glasgow.

The meeting has been cancelled, for lack of talks.
Below follows the original announcement.

Technical meetings location:

200 Renfield Street - G2 3PR
Google maps link (street view): The appointment is for 18:15 in front of the main entrance of the glass building.
If you're late, give Marco a call on 07841-538170.

Topics for this technical meeting

No speakers have yet submitted any talks.

This meeting's lightning talks topic is, "Poetic Perl".
Anybody is welcome to bring a small lightning talk about poetry in Perl, from a small Perl haiku to a compileable Perl poem. Bonus points are awarded, in the form of free beer, for poetic entries which do compile. More free beer is awarded in case the poetic program does something useful.

There will be a lightning talks session right after the talks, and the group will then likely go to a pub for the "local meeting" of (the social event).

The next meeting

Our next gathering will be on the second Thursday of July (2011-07-14), at the same venue.