Glasgow Perl Mongers Meetings

When do meetings take place?

Meetings are held on "the day after the second Wednesday of the month" — usually the second Thursday of the month unless the month begins on a Thursday.

Next meeting

As discussed on the mailing list, our next technical meeting will be on Thursday 2011-06-09 at 18:15.

Where do technical meetings take place?

The group has been given access to a room/projector at S1's offices in Glasgow, located at 200 Renfield street (Google maps link).

What kind of meetings should I expect?

The aim is to have predominantly technical meetings, with the odd social meeting once in a while. The timing of the meetings does also allow members from nearby Perl Mongers group to participate.
If you're interested, please join the discussion on the mailing list to voice your opinion.

Where are the meetings slides?

Each meeting's page usually contains links to the websites of the people who submitted and held a talk. Sometimes the author also provides a link to the talk, in which case the meetings pages are amended to contain such links.

Past meetings