Glasgow Perl Mongers Logo

During the November 2010 meeting, a "catchy logo" for the group was proposed during a lightning talk. It's based on the iconic "Duke of Wellington" statue in Glasgow, which usually gets a cone on the poor duke's head, and a velociraptor, understood to be nowadays a symbol for Perl 5.

Where do I get it?

The logo is available as a SVG image. It has been created with Gimp, Inkscape, and other Free Software.

Can I have a t-shirt with it?

But of course! As shown during the lightning talk in November, t-shirts, polo shirts and even a hoodie are available at the shirts shop.

It doesn't have the stuff *I* want!

Contact me at MFONTANI at cpan dot org with a description of the Spreadshirt apparel you'd like the logo printed on, and I'll make it available. Alternatively just use the SVG and DIY :)